Stupid annoying arrogant person

ARRRGH!! Ranting and raving about techie stuff to follow…

Background: I volunteer as the person who coordinates and processes all the entries to competitive events for a certain sporting organization. Let’s call it the Spelunking Club – I’m not fooling anyone, I know. The Spelunking Club has a website that has some of the most archaic and STUPID back-end editing tools I’ve seen in quite a while. The Spelunking board has been “in the process” of getting a new website with better editing tools for a year or so now. They acknowledge that the present website sucks and they’ve got a grand plan for a new site with all kinds of bells n whistles.

As part of my job with the spelunking entries, I have to post and repost a lot of detailed information about each event for the participants. To date I have been doing all of this via email lists which go out to ALL club members, even if they’re not planning to participate in the event. I want to set up a website for sharing all of this information. First off, I was told I could not host the website on my own servers or register a domain for it personally, because in case I took off to Tasmania or Bora Bora, the club wanted to be able to retain/regain control of the website. Fine. Then I said, well how about using the existing website? I tried that – the editing tools are so pathetic that I couldn’t even post something that had an HTML table in it. Okay, so I asked the club manager if I could contact the webmaster and have them give access to a subdirectory so I could install WordPress for managing all my information. This was the best compromise for a temporary measure, the manager agreed.

So, three weeks ago I sent an email to the Webmaster for the club’s website. The Webmaster works for a web company that was paid to develop and maintain our website. I tried to make my first note very polite and didn’t complain overly about the sheer crappitude of their design or their software. I got no reply, so today I re-sent the message. I asked the Webmaster to kindly set up a subdirectory of the main site so I could install WordPress on it and keep all my event information in one place on an “event” blog.

The reply? The web company is in the midst of preparing a proposal for the club to re-do its website. So that means: in a couple of weeks when they’re done that proposal, they’ll send it to the board of the club. The board will hum and haa and maybe give approval. After that the company will spend a month or two developing the site, then the board has to approve the final site before it can go live. The board meets once a month so let’s see… that new site should be available sometime in September, right in time for the end of the competitive season.

YOU BLOCKHEAD! All I want is a subdirectory. Your client, the club manager, has already okayed it. Who owns this freaking website? The web company? NO. GIVE ME A GODDAMN SUBDIRECTORY. YESTERDAY.

GRRR. I want to punch his head in.

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